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We are a leading  soft skills training and corporate training organisation headquartered in Mumbai with operations pan India and international.

It is easy to complicate but difficult to keep things simple.  We at LEAPInc believe in  simplicity, meaningfulness and relevance. Our training programs are fun-filled, easy to grasp for the learner and practical to implement to aid real time and continuous development. The LEAPInc philosophy is based on continuous learning, an ever evolving attitude, keenness to acquire knowledge & skills which eventually leads to progression. Therefore, the acronym, LEAP.

To be your preferred partner in developing  human capital.




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Deepa Mankani
Co Founder & Head - Business

Deepa comes across as an extremely warm and a pleasing personality. She has a natural ability to create cordial relationships with ease and develop them to a level where she is 'the go to person' in times of need. She inspires confidence in  everyone around her not only within the organisation but also in all stakeholders internally and externally. She has a masters degree in marketing coupled    with more than 15 years of experience is retail operations, enterprise solutions and marketing. She has had an extremely successful  experience of leading large teams and driving sales operations and customer service across multiple locations. Phenomenally   skilled in multitasking ,at LEAP she spearheads the business development  vertical and is a founding member. She overlooks the business expansion through strategic initiatives and forming key alliances. She is largely responsible for the steady and organic growth achieved by LEAP year on year.  LEAP continues to grow under her leadership and set to attain many milestones laid ahead.

She is an animal lover and would go to any length to ensure their well being.  Many a times she has been involved in rescuing of animals and birds. With a heart of gold, she has a motherly instinct for animals in distress who naturally are at ease with her  as they sense it too. One of her many goals is to start an NGO dedicated to their welfare, and an state of the art facility for upkeep of stray animals.

Amit Mankani
Co Founder & Training Head

Amit is a dynamic transformation enabler, motivational speaker and a passionate corporate trainer having strong background of Training & Development, among various peripherals. Having trained at global level to multiple nationalities, he comes with an edge to understand diversities in culture effortlessly. He ranks among the top five trainers in the country for soft skills and sales training. He has 20 years plus of rich experience in diverse industries at various levels. Amit is a strong believer in challenging and transforming human capabilities. He pushes himself beyond the limits and does the same for all the trainees to get the best out of them. He challenges your mindset. He follows a radical approach in each of his learning interventions. He makes you think hard, makes you question the status quo and introspect deeply. He unsettles you to a point where you start contemplating solutions for yourself that you may have never thought of. He makes you realize your true potential and sets you on a journey to transform and transcend. He facilitates training from entry level to Senior Management for SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Corporate Houses across India and internationally. His training sessions are experiential, interactive and fun filled thus inspiring confidence in the participants. He has consistently maintained a high standard of quality in training by achieving a consistent feedback rating for numerous programs.

Maintaining discipline at all times and all costs is his mantra. Simple, straightforward, and as blunt as it may get - 'Never Back Down' is his approach in life. Passionate about bodybuilding, he is greatly influenced by the armed forces in general and predominantly drives inspiration from the special forces across the world such as the 'Special Para Forces', 'Marcos', 'Navy Seals' and 'The Delta Force'.