We Boost Their Creativity

We Bring Out The Leader In Your Child


We Make Them Compete Like A Champion & Achieve Goals

We Nurture Them To Become A Team Player

LEAP KIDS is the learning arm for students. We offer one of its kind learning camps across the city of Mumbai with a plan to expand in all the metros by 2020.We do not teach. We only facilitate your child to learn is our fundamental approach. Every child learns differently and has certain preferences.We have internationally certified team of trainers, child physiologists and teachers who facilitate learning through experience. We have a host of physical activities, mental puzzles, simulations, exercises that enrich the entire experience of learning. We follow scientific methods and tried and testes pedagogy to derive learning outcomes. Come and experience the difference.


Objective of the session is to help children understand the important life skills.

The session is aimed at developing the young minds to collaborate, think creatively, work within timelines and enhance their self – image.

The idea is to support and nurture the qualities like leading and being proactive as a team member.

The students will have developed an enhanced level of understanding on the concepts of leadership, communication,  attaining goals and thinking creatively.

The students will realize that there could be more than one way of getting to a solution, resulting in a mind set that is clear and ready to think beyond the conventional thought process.

The students will be energized and more enthusiastic, along with the internalized learning that each one will take from the camp.



The training delivery will be simple practical and lead by trained professionals.

It will be based on  a blend of guided discovery method and instructor lead guidance method.

The training will also blend in VAK learning styles.

It will have a blend of fun, engaging and challenging activities, audio – visuals followed by debrief sessions.

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