7 ‘Must Ask’ Questions In An Interview to Gauge Adaptability & Openness

Adaptability & Openness are couple of the key traits that the HR is always on a lookout. Below mentioned are seven must ask questions in an interview.

  • Can you help us understand how did you successfully adapt to a culturally different environment and manage varied perspectives? What were the biggest challenges you faced and how were you able to overcome?

  • Tell us something that you have discovered about yourself?

  • Tell us about an extremely challenging situation and how did you manage it?

  • Tell us about an embarrassing situation and how did you manage it?

  • Help us understand your biggest strength and your biggest weakness? How will you use it at workplace?

  • What does criticism mean to you and how would you handle it?

  • What if we say that your answers to all previous questions did not meet our expectations? What would you have to say?

Give us your feedback.

Soon to follow are another Super 7 questions

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